Meet our inside sales rep JohnInside Sales reps have some of the most challenging lives, keeping workers on their toes. You just can’t confuse an Inside Sales job with any regular desk job. Professional salespeople are highly focused, organized, and well prepared for any challenge. They’re like the ninjas of the office: quick learners, ready to change tasks at a moment’s notice, and prepared for unusual challenges. Here is an overview of my life in Devara Inside sales role 🙂

I’m an ‘Early to Bed and Early to Rise!’ person

I am a morning person. Up at 4:50 am starting my day having an early start, has some serious benefits. My morning ritual with all the news tickers and a mocha might be personal time, but today’s news always seems to find a way to trickle into sales conversations. I can combine this with a strategy to establish a relationship with some of our clients, and I don’t have to tell you that the clients who like us always view you in a higher light.

Inside sales reps have stressful workdays, so taking time in the morning to read can help relax and prepare you for the day ahead.

Do you work out or jog? I try to… with two children under 4, there is nothing better than getting out and getting the blood flowing early. This also helps with starting the morning with a clear head. Say goodbye to body aches and strains which DEFINITELY affect your efficiency. I always try to take a short walk around the office twice a day to help as well.

After a long and challenging day, another noticeable perk of waking up early and working out is you’ll be able to sleep easier and wake up fresh again. I

Take this mantra for every day: Stay fresh, stay updated and stay at top of everything!

Plan Your Day, Every Day

I always try to get to the office as early as possible and start catching up with tasks and emails. Some people stay organized with sticky notes, calendars, or computer programs that keep track of their day. I prefer my outlook calendar with reminders. This allows me to never forget or overlook something as I am always connected. I have found that success is based on organization.

Greet Your New and Existing Clients First

While you’re fresh and have all your energy in the morning, I like to reach out to some new and existing clients. Imagine how you feel after a long day, tired and stressed out. Who would want to talk to you then? I have found it important to prioritize your well-being and put your mood and alert mind to good use.

Follow Up with Multiline Reps Daily

I always try to make time in my day to follow up with our outside sales team. Debrief them with the talking points, opportunities, and how the week has been. Our outside reps are busy people, always on the road and from one appointment to the next. There is nothing they appreciate more than to know the state of the business, where their time has been most well spent and the fact you are on top of things.

Have a Sales & Growth Meetings

I have found that it’s important to learn and improve your sales skills every day after your outreach and prospecting activities are finished for the day. Trying to share what you did, numbers, and what I found and learned when speaking with our clients. Similarly, trying to utilize information shared by each sales rep and new things they found, new strategies they discovered and what improvements they think you can bring to excel here at Devara. I believe that good inside sales reps will never stop learning!

Home Sweet Home

After a long day at the office, there is nothing better than getting home and spending some quality time with my family. After putting the kids down, I try to read something new before finally going to bed. I always try to never stop learning! Following this routine consistently I have found to really help me develop sales skills and my people skills for the always-changing business in promotional products.