social mediaLiving my best life. Foodie Expert. Office for the day! Not a bad view. So I did a thing…Reunited and it feels so good. No caption needed. The list goes on with those annoying cliché captions. If you know what I’m talking about-read on; and if you don’t and you consider yourself a businesswoman or man, you might want to sit down and take some notes here.


Social Media for Business vs Personal Social Media

Working in the ever-changing marketing world (ugh, another cliché term), it’s important that the people who hold the power of social media managing actually know what they’re doing. It’s easy to post on your private accounts; if you don’t gain a follower that day, life goes on. If you don’t get as many likes as you thought, you post another fire selfie the next day. The world keeps turning even if you aren’t getting the attention you wish you had on social. But for the business world-we’re not that lucky.

Being a Social Media Expert in the workforce isn’t just about getting your company followers. It’s not about getting a bunch of likes on a single post, and it’s definitely not about if your BAE who doesn’t know they’re your BAE is seeing your post and leaving the fire and heart face emoji in your comments. Rather, it’s about reading into the likes, engagement, followers, post reach and knowing who is behind every interaction. It’s about studying your demographics and giving your audience what they want to see. It’s about staying away from what your company actually sells and getting your audience to remember your name-remember the brand and show you love from afar.


Social Media, It’s All About the Data

You have to be a researcher if you work in the social media world. Analyzing every piece of data is only going to help you expand your brand. You could get 100 likes on a single post and only 4 on the next. Knowing why that’s happening is crucial. Is it the time of day? The content? Is the image too boring? Is the caption not enough? Too much? The list goes on and in order to keep your likes consistent, you have to look into every little detail.

Researching your followers is just as important as delving into why you’re getting the number of likes you’re getting per post. You could have thousands of followers but maybe only a dozen actually engage. Or, you could have 300 followers and your engagement reach is at an all-time high. If you lack engagement with your followers-then your social media presence needs help. The amount of followers means nothing if no one is interacting and talking about your brand in some way. And that means you have to be just as much as personable and social as they are!

In your personal life-you might care less about the number of likes you get and only care about if you know who is liking your killer post of you on vaca. Social Media in the business world is the same … to an extent. We don’t just care about one person acknowledging our post but rather we care about every single person who has acknowledged our post in some way. Where do they live? How old are they? Gender?  The list keeps going. Once you pinpoint who is engaging, you can better direct all your posts in their direction.


What’s to Come

This is just a basic overview of what goes into social media marketing. If you think you’re up to date on the ins and outs of social media marketing but don’t know how to execute any of our tips, then stay tuned for our article next month on post-execution for Facebook and Instagram!