Handling Confrontation from a Customer Service PerspectiveConfrontation happens in every aspect of life – from your romantic life to dealing with your parents to your children to your co-workers – even your customers.  It is going to happen, especially in customer service.  How you handle the confrontation from the beginning is what allows both parties to move forward or escalates the situation further.

Tips for Handling Confrontation When it is Unavoidable

Most of us don’t like confrontation and would like to avoid it at all cost but the wish and the reality are not the same. Here are 5 steps to assist you in handling a confrontation with a customer:
  1. Allow angry customers to talk or vent about the situation. Let them express how they are feeling.  When you do this they will calm down and be more apt to engage in a conversation with you and listen to what you have to say.
  2. Know that they ARE NOT personally attacking you! They are upset and angry with the company you represent, not you. You just happen to be the person that is there.
  3. Defuse the situation. Listen to what the customer is saying, respond with the correct tone, and show empathy towards them and their issue.
  4. Understand the issue completely. Get all the facts about the situation so you can make a smart business decision.
  5. Provide a resolution. Finding a mutually beneficial solution or compromise to the situation that works for both you and your customer is the best way to end the confrontation.


At the end of the day, we are all just working together for the common goal of making money and supplying our customers with the products they need.  We need each other to make that happen.